5 tips for watering plants during the holidays

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5 tips for watering plants during the holidays – How to prevent your plants from dehydrating while you’re away? Find our suggestions for protecting them from drying out and limiting their water needs. As a bonus, two simple tips to put on your balcony or in your home to leave in peace!

Tips for watering plants during the holidays

#1.  Protect your plants from the sun

Before you think about “watering”, start thinking about how reduce water consumption your plants:

  • move them to the shade if possible. A cool place, such as a bathroom with a window, is a good choice;
  • point your plants to the north, they will suffer less during the hottest hours of the day;
  • place them “in the pyramid”, larger plants that protect from the sun medium plants, which will themselves hide the smaller ones;
  • protect them from the wind if it is outside, for example by installing a removable partition.

This will prevent the substrate from drying too quickly, saving you a lot irrigation.

5 tips for watering plants during the holidays

#2. Mulch the soil

5 tips for watering plants during the holidays: exterior pailage

Muddy ground reject more for drying caused by the sun and wind and maintained at temperature more fresh. Actually, this action reduced very water evaporation.

Depending on the mulch selected (straw, bark, clay balls, terracotta pieces, etc.), up to 60% water can be saved. A very interesting method not only for limit watering, but also for lower your water bill.

#3.  Connect your plants to a wet wick

This very simple method does not require any special materials, apart from a part a container and fromA ingredient current to make the wick. This will absorb the water and carry it to the heart of your plant.

Watering the plants

To do this, place a container of water higher than your plant, on a ladder, ladder or chair for example. Cut wool length (or yarn or other absorbent material), soak it in water to soak it well, then connect it to a container of water.

Bury the other end in the substrate so that the plant receives regular supply of water by capillarity. One container can of course be used for several plants grouped together in the same place.

Watering the plants

#4. Bury bottles in your plants

This method is completely valid in complete from suggestion suggested above (see tip no. 1).

Indoor plants

For every plant that needs water, get A Empty PET bottles equipped with screw caps. Using a large needle, make 4 or 5 small holes in the cork. Fill the bottle with water and then bury it upside down in your plant substrate. Finally practice 2 or 3 small holes at the bottom of the bottle, to create a draw in the air so the water can flow out.

To repeat as many times as you have plants…

This technique gives your plants gentle but continuous irrigation.

Watering outdoor plants
5 tips for watering plants during the holidays

#5. set up an automatic drip or watering system

Ornamental garden or vegetable garden, if no one can come to the water during your vacation, there is no magic solution if you go during very hot periods. Drip irrigation is ideal for small areas, keeping the soil moist while limiting evaporation of water.

For large areas, consider investing in a automatic watering system, programmed the day and time you want.

And if you want someone else advice in gardening, find us articlePermaculture: 3 tips to get started” or “Create your aromatic herb vertical garden“.

And you, what are your gardening tips to share?

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