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3 Tips To Beautify Your Garden Decoration

3 decorative tips to beautify your garden

Tips to beautify your garden – How to give more personality to your little corner of greenery? For example by putting a light touch here and some pretty labels for your plants and aromatics there… All with the least amount of ingredients and by recycling as much used stuff as possible! In just a few steps, you can turn drink cans into candle holders and make labels with a cork or wooden spoon.

#1. Tips to beautify your garden: Metallic candle holder

Light always brings magic at night… Made in minutes, this candle holder can also be improvised at the last minute without painting.

1/ What do you need for a candle holder

1 can of drink • 1 roll of thick tape • 1 small penknife or sharp tool • 1 ruler • 1 marker • 1 tea lamp • 1 wire cutter • metal effect spray paint • wire

2/ Make your metallic candle holder

1. Wrap the top and bottom of the can with duct tape to limit the cutting area.

2. Flag landmarks on the bobbin by dividing the diameter by 8, then Draw a vertical cut line on the coil.

3. Cut strips using a penknife between the adhesive strips.

4. Push the bobbin body down to bend the blade outward.

5. Clamp each cover glass between the thumb and index finger. Remove the adhesive strip then slide a piece of wire over the bobbin so you can hang it.

6. Spray paint on all sides (be careful to do this in a well-ventilated area). Let it dry and put the tea lamp inside. Your candle holder is ready!

To diversify your paper lantern design, you can also vary the can size, blade and paint color!

#2. Tips to beautify your garden: Wooden garden label

Wooden spoons are inexpensive and are a great support for making original labels to decorate yourself with. You can of course recycle used spoons

1/ What do you need for wood label

1 wooden spoon • 1 marker pen • several colored markers • paraffin • 2 pans for making a double boiler

2/ Create your wood label

1. Melt the paraffin in a water bath. Meanwhile, write your plantation name on the spoon, then decorate according to taste.

2. Dip the surface of the spoon that has been decorated in paraffin to protect your inscription from the elements.

#3. Tips to beautify your garden: cork stopper garden label

Anti-rot, cork stopper turns in two steps, three moves into a label vegetable garden original… While waiting for the realization, tchin-tchin!

1/ What do you need for cork label

1 cork stopper • 1 marker • 1 metal skewer

2/ Make your labels with cork stoppers

1. Enter your farm name closed using a marker, then push the skewer.

2. Place your label in your garden or on your balcony!

You are provided with 3 simple tips and original to redecorate and arrange and plantation You garden!

And you, what are your tips for decorating your garden?

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