Rotary Hydroponic System

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Rotary Hydroponic System – This article will focus on an innovative development in hydroponics – an installation that, in addition to performing its direct functions, can also serve as an original and unusual interior decoration.

So, we’re talking about the Rotary Hydroponic System. The unique rotating hydroponic installation Rotary Hydroponic System was developed by NASA, design belongs to the Italian design studio DesignLibero from Milan.

Rotary hydroponic system

Installation purpose

The main purpose is to supply spaceship pilots with fresh herbs and salad. The domestic use of the installation is a progressive solution, to whom is this an excellent decoration of the interior of the room in which the installation will be located, assures the Italian designer Libero Rutilo.

The first time you see the stylish and unusual hydroponic installation ROTARY HYDROPONIC SYSTEM, it seems that you are watching some unique innovative invention of the world’s leading developers, it looks so unusual and has so little in common with classic hydroponic installations. The unit is distinguished by its small size, impressive appearance and practicality.

Rotary hydroponic system
With its help, you can provide yourself with fresh herbs all year round. In addition, using a hydroponic plant, you are doing a great deal for the environment: growing lettuce at home, you do not throw away the packaging of these greens, which you would throw away if you buy lettuce from the store. Another plus is the reduction in the cost of the salad due to the absence of transportation costs.

Installation device

Moving on to the construction of this amazing multifunctional hydroponic plant. The installation consists of a stand with a reservoir and a rotating wheel mounted on this stand. The reservoir is filled with nutrient solution. The wheel is driven by a motor installed in the tank. The built-in pump is responsible for the water level in the sump, and also performs the function of watering the roots.

Rotary hydroponic system

Cups with plants are placed in the inner part of the wheel in holes specially provided for them. The cups are filled with substrate, which is coconut fiber. Coconut perfectly keeps plants in an upright position, and also perfectly absorbs and retains a nutrient solution for a long time, which the roots constantly need.

There is a lamp at the center point of the wheel. It is possible to adjust the light intensity of this lamp. The lamp is mounted on hanging brackets. The location of the lamp in the center of the wheel is dictated by considerations of economy, as well as maximum efficiency.

Installation advantages

So, let’s summarize the advantages of a rotating hydroponic plant:

  • small size;
  • spectacular appearance;
  • high efficiency;
  • practicality, ease of use.

Otomatic Rotary Hydroponic System Design

Rotary hydroponic system design

  1. Rotary cylinder
  2. Secondary tank
  3. Frame
  4. Driving wheel
  5. Support wheel
  6. Grow bags containing substrate material
  7. Trays
  8. Freewheel
  9. Temperature and humidity sensor
  10. Lamp stand
  11. LED lamps 12-Electromotor
  12. Sprocket wheel
  13. Bearing
  14. Power transmitting shaft

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