15+ Landscape Edging Ideas With Recycled Material

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Landscape Edging Ideas – Garden edging is one of the most ignored aspects of garden design by the ordinary DIY gardener. Installing it can be time-consuming, costly, and, let’s face it, dull.

Landscape edging may help you boost curb appeal and add structure to your garden and yard throughout the winter months by providing a sturdy hardscaping foundation for your garden design.

Here are some terrific ideas for making your garden edging more fascinating, one-of-a-kind, creative, cheap, and low-cost

Landscape edging ideas with recycled material
Landscape edging ideas with recycled material



Landscape edging ideas

Landscape edging ideas with wood – Because it can be easily recycled from old fences, decks, or building reject piles, wood is always an easy material to utilize for garden edging. It’s also simple to cut at home, allowing you to personalize your wood garden edging.

Old railway sleepers can be cut into varied lengths and utilized vertically as a grass border, as shown in this photo from ‘Kilgraney.’ For a straight edged border, you can alternatively use timber landscape edging set horizontally in bigger pieces.

Landscape edging ideas

This following wood landscape edging concept came from Pinterest with no known source, however we have some simple directions for you at ‘Farmhouse 38‘ for a similar DIY!

Landscape edging ideas
Landscape edging ideas

Pallets are a popular DIY construction material for a reason. It’s a renewable resource that’s frequently available for no cost! Look for used wood pallets on Craigslist or ask local companies if they have any.

Cut portions of wood from the timber, paint some of them haphazardly and sloppily (for a “vintage” look), and leave some unfinished, then dig a trench for your garden edging. You can also use any other scrap wood.


Landscape edging ideas with rock/stones – Yes, we’ve all seen stone and granite used as a landscape or garden edging. And it works, although it can appear dated. Instead of simply lining up country stones, modernize the design by excavating a trench around the perimeter of your garden or lawn and filling it with pebbles and stones of similar sizes.

It provides a decent mowing strip, a weed and grass barrier, and a more modern appearance. You can buy beautiful rock or, if you’re on a budget, collect rocks from your own yard and repurpose them as edging. Use this concept to motivate you to appreciate the rock in your yard that you’ve always despised!

Landscape edging ideas

Another application of rock garden edging can be seen here. Now, it appears that this is nursery-purchased bagged rock, but you may also collect stones from your garden, ask neighbors, or inquire at a construction site if they have any leftover grading rock that you can cart away.

And then there’s Craigslist! Many folks order too much landscape rock for their project and would be grateful if someone could just come and cart it away for them.

Landscape edging ideas

Take a look at ‘My Sweet Cottage‘s DIY garden edging. They explain how they used sand, a mallet, and rocks to create these landscape borders.

These types of rocks are simple to find while digging in your garden. Alternatively, you might post an ad on Craiglist asking for used landscape rock.

15+ landscape edging ideas with recycled material


Landscape edging ideas


This is a fantastic method to repurpose broken or outdated dishes, saucers, and even old ceramic pots and planters. Yard sales, thrift stores, and putting a want ad on Freecycle or a community bulletin board are all good places to start.

Break up the plates into small pieces and place them in a trench like small ornamental stones. Wear safety glasses and pound a few plates at a time into an old pillowcase to protect yourself from flying glass.

It’s entirely up to you how small you want your pieces to be. Keep the scale in proportion to the trench and garden space. Also keep in mind that larger pieces will provide you with additional texture and color.


Creative garden edging ideas with glass

This landscape edging idea from Apartment Therapy was intended to be used as a beautiful mulch, but it may also be utilized as garden edging.

Buying recycled tumbled glass is another option. To keep the glass pieces in place, you can add inexpensive plastic landscape edging or even wood bender board.



15+ landscape edging ideas with recycled material

Steel and other metals are one of TGG’s favorite recyclables. They have a more modern appearance and blend in well with the garden’s natural nature. Great ideas can be found at your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, as well as yard sales and salvage businesses.

15+ landscape edging ideas with recycled material

Remember that anything that can be partially buried in the ground, such as steel pipe sections, steel utility boxes, or metal pipe slices that can be laid into trenches and then backfilled with gravel, can be used.


15+ landscape edging ideas with recycled material

Did you know that recycled brick can be purchased (cheaply!) at shops like ‘Home Depot’? Recycle an old material into garden edging to make the world a better place. This herringbone pattern is one of our favorites.

We recommend excavating a trench and laying out your bricks, then backfilling with soil half the brick’s depth. Fill the trench with sand after packing it down. (To the brick edging’s edge.)


It’s time to look at recycled bottle garden edging if you haven’t previously. This approach works well in places with limited traffic from lawnmowers and other gear.

We saw this on Pinterest and recommend cutting the bottoms off recycling bottles. A simple glass cutting tool from the hardware store can be used for this. Then, using mortar, fill a shallow garden edging trench and press the glass bottoms into it until they make good contact. Allow to cure for a few minutes before wiping any mortar from the glass.

15+ landscape edging ideas with recycled material

You can bury the bottles neck down so that the bottles’ bottoms act as edging. You can alter the heights of the bottles or keep them all the same height. You can use all the same color bottles or mix them up. Gregg and Ellis Landscape Design in Portland, Oregon is the source of this image.

You could also turn that same concept into a theme! This wine bottle garden edging and cork mulch are fantastic! From the book ‘Landscape Resource.’


If you’re like us and enjoy a nice recycled garden pot, try this landscape edging concept from Swedish garden writer “Eva Robild.” You might inquire about purchasing vintage terra cotta pots at a local nursery. It makes no difference if they’re cracked!

15+ landscape edging ideas with recycled material

We hope you enjoy these fantastic DIY landscape edging ideas for your garden, which are both imaginative and cost-effective. We think you’ll enjoy our blogs on Beautiful and Classic Lawn Edging as well as More Creative Garden Edging Ideas!

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