How to make a looped bench

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How to make a looped bench – Let’s make a bench! Recently, I wanted to update our entry. The purpose of the space was to be a place where we could put our shoes on before going out and place bags when entering the house.

I didn’t have a lot of room in the space, so I knew a thin bench was my best option. I just couldn’t find the dimensions I needed in any of the furniture stores so I knew this was a great opportunity to try out a DIY project.

I opted for a fun and very trendy fabric at the moment: the Boucle! With this project, the design options are endless as you can choose any fabric to complement your decor.

How to make a looped bench

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What You need

  • A plank of wood (strong enough to sit on)
  • Foam cut to size of wood
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Hairpin steel legs (similar to Bunnings’s)
  • Screws

Unroll the fabric and place the foam in the center. Place the wooden board on top of the foam.

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Keeping the fabric taut all around, carefully fold the edges and secure with staples about every 3 to 5 cm.

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Finally, screw your steel hairpin feet into each corner.

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Here is ! For more information on how to style your new loop bench, be sure to read my tips on setting up a small entryway. I love the result, and now I can’t wait to try it in other fabrics.

Like what you see? Or do you just want to save it for later?

Here is ! The looped bench

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Entryway update DIY bench 15 of 20 scaled


How To Make A Boucle Bench 1 of 3 scaled

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