How to make a compost bin for your garden?

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How to make a compost bin – Making a composter that fits the size of your garden is simple and inexpensive. Most of your waste will end up in the compost heap, an ideal change for your garden.

What do you need

How to make a compost bin for your garden?
  • 4 autoclave pine floor tiles
  • 1 screwdriver or 1 electric screwdriver
  • 1 saw
  • 1 drill and 1 wood bit
  • 2 hinges
  • 2 small keys
  • Some wood screws
  • Some cleats

Three simple steps and hurry up to make your own composter:

  1. Attach the 4 panels with screws to form the composter body
  2. Now make a bottom hatch to collect compost.
  3. Finish the composter

Recycle household waste

When you cook, think about collect garbage for composting :

  • Healthy fruit and vegetable peels: rich in nitrogen, watery and low in carbon. Therefore, they decompose very quickly.
  • Feather
  • Egg shell
  • Coffee grounds
  • Leaves or teabags…

Some tips for successful composting

Be careful to remove all plastic. Throw to compost fine debris, and think about stir your stack to aerate it and prevent it from rotting. Flush pile if it is too dry, in case of external dryness eg. You can for this pour wine or beer.

Never compost meat or fish manure, dog or cat manure, weed seeds, and rotting and diseased branches.

When using your compost, always mix it (no more than half the proportion) with the soil. This is because pure compost burns plant roots.

All you have to do is install your compost maker ! Choose a place that is easily accessible and shady, and place it in the excavated soil: the microorganisms that thrive there will accelerate the decomposition of the waste.

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And you, do you compost your trash?

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