How to grow a rose bush?

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How to grow a rose bush? – It is possible to grow roses most of the year, beyond periods of frost and drought – although fall is still the ideal period. Choose a location facing south or west, as rose bushes need lots of light.

Do not plant it anywhere else, the soil may contain harmful germs or lack nutrients. Finally, avoid soil that is too calcareous.


Planting your rose bush step by step


Digging a hole

1. Make a Hole 50cm deep

A few days before planting, make a hole 50 cm deep and about the same width

Plant a rose bush

2. Chek If The Hole Is Big Enough

Pre-position the rose bush for check if the hole is big enough to contain the roots.
Plant a rose bush


3. Refresh Root Tips

Refresh root tips, then pruning rosebush branches – light pruning if you plant in early fall, much shorter if you plant in spring.

Plant a rose bush

4. Prepare Praline

Prepare praline to coat the roots of rose bushes: in a large container, mix garden soil with compost, cow dung or manure. Add water and mix well to get a less runny mud that will stick to the roots.

Plant a rose bush

5. Dip the roots in the praline

Dip the roots in the praline, up to the graft point. Coat the roots well This prevents air pockets from forming between the roots and the soil. Praline protects roots and promotes vegetation recovery.

Plant a rose bush

5. Put some potting soil at the bottom of the hole

Put some potting soil at the bottom of the hole and a little universal fertilizer. Mix with the bottom soil, then add more soil. garden.

Plant a rose bush

7. adjust the planting height

Place the tool with the handle over the hole, it will serve as a reference point for adjust the planting height: the grafting point must be just above the earth’s surface. Fill the hole with soil.

Plant a rose bush

8. Slap the earth with your feet

Slap the earth with your feet form a basin for watering.

Plant a rose bush

9. Slap the earth with your feet

Slap the earth with your feet: cover with soil, without tamping, to protect it from frost and drought.

Plant a rose bush

10. Water the rose bush

Water the rose bush with about 10 liters of water.

Plant roses in pots

Remove the rose bush from the plastic pot and soak the root ball in a bucket of water, until the bubbles disappear. The praline step is not required. If you want to grow rose bushes in pots, add clay ball down to let the water flow and consider placing a cup.

All you have to do is take care of your rose bush: over-watering in dry weather and take him organic fertilizer in autumn. And if you want more advice in gardening, find us articlePermaculture: 3 tips to get started” or “Make a vegetable plot“.

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Are you ready to plant your rose bush? What’s your technique?

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