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Create your aromatic herb vertical garden – In the kitchen, we always need aromatic spices. Bought in bulk in trade, they are relatively expensive and don’t keep for very long. To always be available, you can create a vertical garden. Easy to build and at a very modest cost, this smart device requires minimal floor space and can accommodate several types. Here’s how to do it…

– 1 EUR or EPAL wooden pallet, marked HT, with 5 slats (80 x 120 cm)
– 1 presser foot or 2 flat screwdrivers
– 1 hammer
– Some nails
– 1 pot of chalkboard paint
– Several thick garbage bags
– 1 wall stapler
– Clay ball
– 1 bag of potting soil
– Aromatic herbs in pots
– 1 lime

Your creation step by step

1 / Unload 2e and 4e pallet bar: Slide a crowbar (or 1 large flat screwdriver) under each screwdriver, then hit the base of the tool with a hammer to separate the blades. Remember to gouge each end in turn, so as not to break the wood.

2/ Invert the pallet. With some nails, fix every blade removed under top and middle support dukungan from the palette. Thus, you get 2 superimposed planters.

3 / Cover the face of every plant grower paint for the blackboard. Let it dry.

4/ Straighten pallet Perpendicular : Line each trash can with a trash bag thick and secure with a stapler.

5/ Close the bottom clay ball planter.

6/ Pour a little potting soil in shops.

7 / Grow herbs and top up with potting soil to maintain plants.

8 / Write the name aromatic herbs in lime.

Find personality

Of course you can adjust the dimensions of your pallet and cut it in half if you don’t need so much growing space.

Depending on the decoration where you will install it, feel free to paint completely with the color of your choice. In the garden, blue, green and black are very popular …

What aromatic plants are grown?

In the kitchen, some traditional weddings are very successful! So a pair of cucumbers-mint leaves works great, love the eggs chives, pigs can barely live without it Sage and from tasteful and the chicken loves ittarragon ! Tomatoes, on the other hand, go well with anyone, even if they stick to basil. In a less classic combination, the latter is a fun accompaniment to strawberries or watermelon. Of course, the merrier, the more we laugh, and the mix proves its success, especially in fillings and seasonings, where it is highly recommended to combine flavors. Our article about Mediterranean taste will also give you other ideas!

Extra stuff

Apart from aromatic plants, Your vertical garden can also accommodate other plants that don’t require too much soil depth. So, feel free to cultivate there strawberries, radishes and even salad !

Finally thinking about install your vertical garden in a sunny location. Just like your plants in pots or in planters, you will need water regularly : in fact, the less soil there is, the more likely it is to dry out quickly.

If you don’t have a garden, don’t panic, you can also create a place for indoor plants using our articles:How to make an aromatic plant holder?

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